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Bio-Tissue®, Inc. is the Eye Care industry leader in regenerative medicine. From inception, we have focused on introducing game-changing technology to advance standards of care in ocular surface therapy. We recognize and respect the sophistication of the ocular surface, which is why we remain dedicated to understanding its biology.

Our platform technology, cryopreserved amniotic membrane, is a result of our pursuit of revolutionary ideas to help restore a healthy ocular surface for patients and provide a level of clinical care that was previously unimaginable.

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DocMatter is a private online professional community for eye care clinicians, designed to facilitate peer-to-peer discussions relating to AmnioGraft and PROKERA – including best practices, interesting and challenging cases, as well as innovative treatment approaches.

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Ocular Surface Biologics Course

Bio-Tissue offers a unique preceptorship training course for ophthalmologists throughout the year called the Ocular Surface Biologics Course (OSBC). The course takes place monthly in the operating rooms of two leading surgeons who are experts on the surgical techniques utilizing AmnioGraft. The founding course location is hosted by Dr. Neel Desai in Tampa, FL. Dr. Desai is a foremost expert on utilizing AmnioGraft having optimized and evolved the “Reservoir Restoration” procedure for Mechanical Dry Eye, as well as the “Tissue Tuck Technique” for pterygium surgery. The second training location is hosted by Dr. Curtis Manning in Reno, NV. Dr. Manning is a highly skilled surgeon who has also mastered these techniques utilizing AmnioGraft, and is eager to share with his peers!

For more detailed information on this exciting and impactful preceptorship course, please speak with your local Bio-Tissue representative or fill out the form in this page.

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OSBC Program 2020 – East

OSBC Program 2020 – West