Clinical Videos

Learn more about Mechanical Dry Eye (also known as Conjunctivochalasis - CCh) from Dr. Clifford Salinger:

How to Diagnose Mechanical Dry Eye

Mechanical Dry Eye, also known as Conjunctivochalasis (CCh), can masquerade as ocular surface disease, making it sometimes tricky to diagnose. Hear why Clifford L. Salinger, MD, believes using fluorescein is key.

How to Talk to the Patient About MDE

Clifford L. Salinger, MD, shares his tips for what to say to patients with Mechanical Dry Eye (MDE), when to say it, and the reasons behind these guidelines.

Understanding the MDE Anatomy

The anatomy of Mechanical Dry Eye (MDE) is not well understood. Clifford L. Salinger, MD, talks about why radiofrequency and another cautery/shrinkage procedures are not the right way to address CCh and explain that the focus should be on addressing the underlying problem.

Surgical Intervention of MDE

Learn more about the use of multiple layers of amniotic membrane as a potential surgical intervention in MDE.

Key Points of Diagnosing and Treating MDE Patients

According to Clifford L. Salinger, MD, it’s important to make the diagnosis of Mechanical Dry Eye (MDE). Here, he offers advice on talking to patients and addressing surgical anatomy.